3 Things Friday

The good: I’ve been crocheting up a storm! It feels so great to be making things, and building up stock :) crocheted coasters

The bad: I’ve been feeling a little discouraged this week. I’m realizing the toll it takes to juggle two jobs, a workout routine, and a side business (which is getting the short end of the stick), while trying to find time to spend with friends and family. BUT! Worrying and complaining accomplish nothing, so I’m trying to take a deep breath, find a solution, and in the meantime just be thankful for what I have :)

The best: Last night I got together with Velma and Sarah to sew together our Knitted Wonderland pieces. It was so long – I felt like we’d practically made a Doctor Who scarf! On March 4th we’ll meet at the Blanton Art Museum to sew it onto our tree #29. More photos to come 😉

Knitted Wonderland

2 thoughts on “3 Things Friday”

  1. I totally feel your pain about not having enough time to juggle everything. I feel like I don’t have nearly enough time to work on new projects. I will learn from you and try to keep a positive attitude when I start to feel discouraged. knitting looks great! Can’t wait to see your tree. We’re neighbors! I’m working on tree number 28!

  2. Awe! I’m so glad I was able to be apart of the best of your week! I had so much fun last night! I think we should do it more often! Its hard to juggle everything! I really hope you can find the balance you need! OH your crocheting looks awesome!

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