3 Things Friday

It has been a lovely Friday so far! I started it off by planting lavender and putting together my new terrarium (also from my Etsy wish list!), courtesy of my friend Dan. Then I did some Pilates, played with my dog, and now I’m sipping tea on the balcony. I feel so Zen.

Terrarium gift!

It’s been a really great week. I’ve gotten to do so many fun things, and am getting excited about things to come! There were birthdays, a hockey game, knitting, breakfast for dinner, flowers, sewing…I’m having trouble narrowing it down. But I shall try!

Friends at the Texas Stars game!Lego birthday cardJean Luc or Captain Kirk?Bluebonnets mean springtime

The good: I visited A Knitted Wonderland with my husband. It made me happy that he wanted to go see my work, and it was wonderful seeing the entire installation in the daylight! It was absolutely beautiful, and I’m glad we took the time to meander through it.

AJ walking through A Knitted WonderlandAJ & Alex at A Knitted WonderlandA view of A Knitted WonderlandMy hubby and our tree ♡A Knitted Wonderland at the Blanton Museum of Art

The bad: Work has been really stressful. We lost a member of our team, and I’m basically taking on most of her work while still learning how to do it! But once things calm down again, I’ll be able to get back to redesigning the website :)

The best: I’ve been learning my new sewing machine (awesome b-day gift from the hubs and my mom-in-law). I still love my Green Machine, but this one is much easier to use on an on-going basis. It has a million functions and sews like a dream! I already sewed a cover for our game case and two skirts! And I’m looking forward to many more projects on it :)

First sewing project with baby lockNew sewing machine!DIY Skirts in Amy Butler Fabric

What were your three things this week? I hope you have a great start to your weekend!

3 Things Friday

The good: I got a new cookbook (Veganomicon) and I’m so looking forward to trying recipes from it!

The bad: I haven’t gotten around to using my new Amy Butler fabric (from her latest line Soul Blossoms). I plan to make a simple A-line skirt from it, and I can’t wait to wear it!

The best: I finished my “Home Sweet Home” cross-stitch project, and I LOVE it. Best compliment ever: my husband asked if we could keep it!!! (I said I’ll make him one in our colors :D) I’m so excited for my new line of productssss 😀

Home Sweet Home Cross-Stitch

PS: I’m leaving today for New Orleans! Tomorrow’s post will be a fun tutorial roundup 😀 See you Monday!

3 Things Friday

The good: I’ve been crocheting up a storm! It feels so great to be making things, and building up stock :) crocheted coasters

The bad: I’ve been feeling a little discouraged this week. I’m realizing the toll it takes to juggle two jobs, a workout routine, and a side business (which is getting the short end of the stick), while trying to find time to spend with friends and family. BUT! Worrying and complaining accomplish nothing, so I’m trying to take a deep breath, find a solution, and in the meantime just be thankful for what I have :)

The best: Last night I got together with Velma and Sarah to sew together our Knitted Wonderland pieces. It was so long – I felt like we’d practically made a Doctor Who scarf! On March 4th we’ll meet at the Blanton Art Museum to sew it onto our tree #29. More photos to come 😉

Knitted Wonderland

3 Things Friday

Snow from the balcony 1Frozen Water from GutterChase with a snow-stacheFrozen fountain

Another week has flown by, and what a week it’s been! Our gym finally opened, I made soup for the first time, and we tried a new local restaurant. It’s been 80° and 17°. We had Groundhog Day [I’m all for pointless holidays, but they should at least involve candy!] and Chinese New Year – did you celebrate? But I’m most excited for today: SNOW DAY! What a great way to end the week! 😀 And when it boils down to my three things…

The good: I learned a new knitting stitch, and I absolutely love it! I’ve started on my first blanket with a soft, lustrous yarn in….Herringbone Stitch!Herringbone Stitch

The not-as-good: I wasn’t as productive as I could have been. I spent much of last night playing Sudoku (I’m addicted) instead of working on anything.

The best: I get to spend today completing projects! I already finished a painting, which was super fun, and next I’ll be sewing! Then maybe some crochet and cross-stitch…It’s going to be good :)

Granny Square Painting

What were your 3 things this week?

3 Things Friday

The Good: I got some delicious, deep purple, dupioni silk for some upcoming projects. Ohhh it’s good enough to eat!

Purple Dupioni silk

The Not-so-Good: With the new job, I’m having a hard time fitting in much crafting!

The Great: I got to use a Canon EOS 5D – a digital SLR camera, and it was amazing. After a few photoshoots, I’m really getting the hang of all the manual settings! I may have to become a full-time photographer so I can have one for my very own ;D The photos just turn out so beautifully…

Canon EOS 5D digital SLR Camera

3 Things Friday

What a week this has been! I was offered a new part-time job doing photography and graphic design for an antique dealer (I start Monday :)), I tried to start Couch to 10K, I tried out some new recipes, and brrrr – what a cold front last night! But on to my 3 things.

The good: I’ve been working on a new product line for AJ the Purple. I want to take it in a new direction, and it’s been so fun getting samples together!

The bad: I’ve been fighting a cold this week.

The great! I’ve been working on a Knitta Please project for the Blanton Museum of Art. (The exhibit is in March.) On Wednesday I got together with Velma at my favorite local coffee shop to sip, chat, and knit! It was lots of fun :)

What have you been up to this week?

Three Things Friday

The good: I cleaned/tidied/organized my apartment, including a lovely rearrangement of our bookshelves (see below). It makes me so happy!

The not-so-good: I didn’t work out much at all, because my knee hurts when it’s cold :(

The great: I got two sewing projects checked off our new “HOME IMPROVEMENTS” list 😀 I’ll be posting a tutorial tomorrow for one, and the other I’ll show you next week!

Rainbow books

I’ve always been obsessed with color-coding things, so I’m so glad I was finally able to do this!

3 Things Friday

The Good: I picked up my sketchbook again after a little break. It felt good :)

The Bad: It was back to the real (work) world after a 2 week break. Whoo that’s rough!

The Awesome: I made several new foods from scratch! I made pho (wayyy more effort than it’s worth for just 2 people), which was absolutely delicious. I also made guacamole – yummmm :d

I hope your first week of the new year has been wonderful! Now that I’m back in the swing of things (at least mostly), I can start working toward my goals :) Ooh – and tonight is a date night – we’re going to finally see Tron!

So what were your three things?

Have a great weekend 😀

3 Things Friday

This week:
The good: I’ve finished 8 gifts this week, and I’m on a roll!
The not-so-good: The Post Office lost a package of supplies (for gift making) :(
The best: I tried my hand at both knitting and crocheting hats, and made some really cute ones! I’m so glad I tried a new project and am really happy with the results 😀

Dixie DIY

Today I’m on to sewing projects! I’ve got hair accessories, home accessories, and a giant pillow to make :) Here’s to a great start for the weekend!

How was your week?

Three Things (Black) Friday

This week:
The good: We started moving into our new apartment!!
The not-so-good: We haven’t finished moving into our new apartment 😉
The best: Thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful! I hope yours was too :)

And as a thank you to all my lovely followers…

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