Wedding Invitations!

Do you love our invitations? I went through many iterations trying to find a style that I truly loved. We wanted clean, simple, and modern, with accents of our wedding colors. They needed to have big enough print for our elderly guests to easily read and a bold look. I think they turned out quite well! Our envelopes are bright green with a heart cutout and stitching along the bottom as our handmade touch (and to create envelopes the right size for the invitations!).

Our Invitation (to the reception in Austin)
and our program (for those at the wedding in Hawaii)

Our reply card (people can decorate it!)

And our lovely envelopes (before being sewn) 😀

I’m so excited….I can’t wait to receive the reply cards!! Hopefully people will actually decorate them….

Embroidered Birthday Card

Remember that card I wrote about that I made for my friend? Well, I got her to send me pictures so now I can share!

It was my first embroidery attempt, and I think I did a decent job. Another friend’s birthday is coming up next week, and I think I may embroider something for him…Guess it’s time to go to the craft store 😉

[Today I’m having an Easter egg dying party!! Will upload pics later ;)]


I don’t like to send boring mail.

Today I sent a birthday card to my friend in Chicago. I’d been wanting to try embroidering, so I took the chance! Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a picture of it until I was walking to the mailbox (sad face), but maybe she’ll take one for me to post… I think it turned out pretty well. I used bright yellow and pink and a soft blue. Joining together two index cards, I embroidered “Happy 23″ on one side, and a birthday cake on both sides. That way I had room on the back to write a note :)

Now I’d hate to leave you without a picture, so I’ll also include a postcard I sent to my friend in NYC:

Yes, that is a dinosaur munching on pizza while destroying an ugly, yet famous, building (what can I say? I studied architecture). And it’s all relevant to the postcard, no worries.

I LOVE to send and receive postcards. I’d much rather have a postcard sent to me than a souvenir. And while they are exciting in their own right, I also love decorating them to add a more personal touch :) I also tend to write too much, because who enjoys just getting “Wish you were here?”