Round Mirrors

I hope I’m not just falling victim to a design trend here, but I am totally crushing on round mirrors. Captain’s mirrors are cute (like the one below from BDDW). There’s something both old and new about this look. They really look great in pairs, or grouped with other wall decor.


I really love round mirrors hanging from ribbon or rough rope, like in Minh and Ted’s house tour on Apartment Therapy, below. The rough texture with the smooth, round glass is the perfect juxtaposition.

Minh and Ted House Tour

I’ve been a fan of framed mirrors in the bathroom, but I’ve just recently decided that a round mirror is a great look! It really frames your reflection ūüėČ

modern moroccan bathroom

And there’s something about curved wood that I find really appealing (one of the reasons, I’m sure, that I love Art Deco chairs!). Wood framed circular mirrors are simple and lovely. I’ve long been tempted to buy this one from West Elm:


And on a final note, these mirrors from Grain are just neat! Textils on glass, anyone?

Large Bound Mirror

So there you have it, my latest interior design obsession. What do you think? Where would you use a round mirror? Grouped or single, framed or bare, maybe convex! So many varieties, and I think I’d use them all!

Mood Mugs

Mood Mugs

How cute are these mood mugs from Yanko Design? They’re double insulated, so don’t worry about the lack of a handle. I love their little faces ^_^ There’s one for any mood you wake up with (or every member of the family?). The sleepy one is seriously adorable. But I think after using any of these you’d end up with a happy face!

You Amaze Me, Thomas Wold

How have a just learned of Thomas Wold? His background in visual arts and furniture design have led him to create colorful, funky, wonderful pieces of furniture-art (I am officially naming a new genre). His pieces are everything from suave to outrageous, and they’re all really cool. Seriously, he has such a cool style!

He manages to combine so many variations in color and texture all into a cohesive design. He does everything from side tables to complete kitchen installations. Each piece fits well into its surroundings, yet stands out as a piece of art. Several of his furniture pieces feature reclaimed or recycled materials, too.

Good Hotel Lobbyrock candy

Plaid Credenza

Mushroom Table

mixed breed media credenza

san rafael kitchen

For your innovative style and cool use of color and material, you amaze me, Thomas Wold.

Check out his stuff: Blog | Portfolio | Store | Tumblr

Komforte Chokolates

Why all the k’s? No idea. But as for French Toast Chockolate – why not sooner?

Komforte Chockolates

I’ve tried hot pepper chocolate and lavender chocolate, but never savory chocolate. Savory flavors + chocolate = genius. Plus, I’m all about adding chocolate to my favorite breakfast foods. And the simple, easy-to-read packaging (in bright, appropriate colors) only increases my interest. On second thought, I think I’ll try all three :)

A Modern Bookcase

Data Furniture Otto Shelving

Can I just say how much I love these shelves by Data? You can tell in all of their shelving that¬†they’ve really considered how books¬†will¬†look in the finished product.¬†Each shelf of the Otto¬†has 8 metal rods that¬†act as bookends; they¬†can be moved around to accommodate your collection. Plus, the shelves are varying heights to fit both hardcover and paperback books in¬†a way that saves space¬†(a genious idea, if I do say so myself, that we had when designing & building our bookcases!). It’s the little details that really make the difference. Overall I think it looks a bit top-heavy (though pretty)¬†when empty, but it’d look great with tall, hardcover art books all along the top shelf!

What’s your favorite bookcase?

What's your Pinterest?

I stumbled across Pinterest by accident several weeks ago. It was simply laid out with beautiful images that people had “pinned” to the site. At first it reminded me of We ‚ô° It, until I happily discovered that the images pinned (most of them, at least) actually link back to the source! How wonderful! In fact, giving credit is one of their four rules.

About a week after I discovered (and shortly thereafter forgot about) Pinterest, my best buddy asked me about it. She’s planning her wedding, and wanted to show me some of her inspirations and ideas. And what a great place for it! It’s a virtual pinboard where you can collect ideas, inspirations, and beauty; access them from anywhere; and share with anyone! It’s also easy to tag and categorize. I loved browsing through her pins, and being able to click through to see more from their sources. I gladly accepted her invitation to join, and have been pinning ever since :)

I have several boards that are categorized in a way that makes sense to me. It’s so much easier than bookmarking, saving images, and/or printing them all out. And this way I always have the source attached, too. It’s also a great way to see what other people are crushing on, what’s currently trending, or to simply find some inspiration.

So I guess my question is…What do you pin? (You can follow me here :))

You Amaze Me, Bath Tubs

For most of us, a bath tub comes with our home, and isn’t really considered as a design element – it’s just a part of the bathroom. But it can be so much more, as proven with these gorgeous, designer tubs.

The Le Cob Bath by Omvivo brings to mind Le Corbusier’s chaise, only now it’s more relaxing (other than the exposure of being surrounded only by glass). Though it doesn’t hold as much water as a traditional bath, I love the waterfall touch at the foot:le cob bath

A Wood Line bath by Bagno Sasso would match any modern decor with its clean, rectangular form, although I think it goes best in a minimalist bathroom, as pictured here:WOODEN BATHTUB & WOOD LINE Wood Line

The Ballerine Bathtube designed by Lange & Lange must be commended for both style and innovation. It looks beautiful in both bath and shower forms, although I do wonder what the draft would be like in its elongated, bare-bones configuration:Ballerine Bathtube

These traditionally-shaped baths from Hoesch are given a homey touch by the addition of wooden elements. The clean lines of their designs allow them to be included in virtually any bathroom with any fixtures:

SensaMare Oval tubScelta

Agape modernized the old-fashioned claw-foot tub (which I also love!) by simplifying it; they made the feet using the same material as the tub. And it comes in a variety of colors!Ottocento - VAS969

Oh, I can’t wait until I design my own bath…with all these amazing tub options out there!