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As I am exhausting myself at a soccer tournament in New Orleans right now, I thought I could leave you with some fabulous finds from the blogosphere.

Have you noticed that geometrics are totally in right now? I knew that repeating, usually symmetrical geometrics look great on fabric, but I’ve seen crazy assymetrical designs popping up all across Etsy (like this necklace ♡) and Pinterest (like this wall thing) A new fad, perhaps? What do you think? Either way, I like this triangle-themed mobile, spotted over on Smile and Wave. Don’t you want to make one? Project ReStyle: Modern Mobile

I started one of these a while back, but lost motivation. Seeing it again (and accompanied by a tutorial!) makes me want to try again! Weave your own basket out of newspaper with the help of nifty thrifty things:

As a long-time fan of stripes and a new-found lover of crochet, I have to share these crocheted striped hand warmers from the Purl Bee! In case we get another cold snap (hey, it’s possible!), I’ll whip up a pair of these 😀Whit's Knits: Crocheted Striped Hand Warmers

And I must not be quite over Valentine’s Day yet, because I think this simple balsa wood heart on Design*Sponge is just super cute! diy project: scandinavian-inspired wooden heart

And make some adorable kitchen utensil holders with this tutorial from Crafts by Amanda:Make Your Own Kitchen Utensil Holders

Have a fun and crafty Saturday! 😀

You Amaze Me, Street Color


A color palette can come from just about anything. Choose your favorite poster, painting, tapestry – they’ve all got a palette. A sophisticated color palette can even come from something as simple (or not so simple) as getting dressed in the morning. Look Book and Wear Palettes both log inspiration in the form of street clothes and their color palettes.

i'll send a nasty text, to show i'm not impressed i'll send a nasty text, to show i'm not impressed

You’ll notice that any good outfit has a set of colors that compliment one another (not to say they’re all complimentary colors). They don’t have to be one shade or hue, but they coordinate in a way that is beautiful. So why not grab a color palette from someone well-dressed?


Of course, the same is true in reverse: You can make a great outfit using a beautiful color palette. Find colors you love together, then search your closet and piece together something beautiful to wear! And if you’re anything like me, you’ll see an instant palette just by opening your closet doors. Hm, maybe I should branch out in my color choices…

Louder than sirens, louder than bellsLouder than sirens, louder than bells

As a side note, my favorite websites to find or make color palettes are COLOURlovers and Kuler (an Adobe site). Test them out, or find your palette somewhere in your world.

Where do you find your color palettes?

Etsy Crush: Resolutions

Here are a few Etsy finds to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions!

Grab a handy coaster (Lucky Bee Press) to record your resolutions:Letterpress Coaster Set - New Years Resolution

A self starter ring (The Apple) to remind you to get going:Vintage Typewriter Ring - Self Starter - RARE - Adjustable

A journal with maps (Blue Toad) to take you to new places:bucket list journal with maps

A food & exercise notebook (ncharshaf) for the health resolution:Food and Exercise Notebook - The most certain way to succeed is to always try one more time - 30 days of health

Stay organized with this cute to-do wall hanging (The Career Scrapper):Get Organized Pocket To Do List Upcycled 7 inch Hoop - by TheCareerScrapper on Etsy

A print (groundwork) for an every day resolution:Be Present Every Day

An address box (1canoe2) to keep you in touch:Letterpress Address Card File with Box

This friendly reminder pillow (alexandra ferguson) for the slow days:GO TO THe GYM Felt Applique Pillow 14x18 inch charcoal and fuchsia

And, finally, a motivational poster (happy deliveries) and a reminder!Dare to Begin Letterpress Print (Teal)

So get going, and have a great year 😀