Summer Projects

Obviously I’m going to be very busy this summer. I’m job hunting, starting Craft Academy, updating my Etsy shop, probably redesigning my blog (time for a facelift, right?), and continuing to work on my portfolio. But aside from all that “work” (hehe), I’d like to throw in some fun, personal projects. Here are a few I have my eye on…

Fruity trivets and potholders via the Purl Bee (aren’t these adorable?!)
I’m thinking the lime is my fav, but I may make a new color combo to make apples! Which would you do?
Rainbow cupcakes! (Lemon Drop Rainbow Cupcakes via Bite Size Baker)
I love rainbows and I love cupcakes. So…makes sense, right? :)
The Danielle Dress, a free pattern on BurdaStyle
This dress should be pretty easy to modify – neckline, length, sleeves, etc. And it’s so simple and cute! I’m excited to make another dress ^_^ (Plus it’s on my 2010 goals!)
Or maybe I’ll make this Work Dress (it’s a wrap style), also on BurdaStyle.
It’s pretty nifty, not to mention handy! I looove pockets.
Crocheted Dishcloths via Lion Brand Yarn
 I think my favorite thing might actually be the colors πŸ˜›
Root beer cookies?! That just sounds awesome! [Recipe here, but via The Dainty Squid] I also found some Dr. Pepper chocolate cake mix, so I may have to try to make my own recipe for that…It’s going to be a tasty summer!

I’d also like to knit (or maybe crochet) a small shrug. I haven’t found the perfect free pattern yet though. Anyone have one to share? Aside from these, we’ll probably also be working on our apartment…I love redecorating πŸ˜€ And Alex and I are thinking of getting me an old Honda motorcycle to rebuild…….but that may be a more distant project. But I can still think about it this summer ;D

What just-for-fun projects are you working on this summer?

DIY Fabric Gift Tag!

 In case you didn’t see my post on Saturday, I made a gift tag for my friends’ wedding present! I was so excited about it that I decided to share a tutorial for it πŸ˜€ *yay!*
First things first, pick out your fabric. I chose a fabric to match their wedding colors. I cut my pieces to be 4×6″ (so 4×3″ folded). But the gift tag can be any size really – it’s up to you. It’s a great way to use scraps! You’ll need:
  • one 4×6″ piece for the outside (my purple pattern)
  • one 4×6″ piece for the inside (I chose off-white, so it wold be easy to write on)
  • one 4×6″ piece of interfacing (I use iron-on)
Cut your pieces and iron them out (so glad I started ironing all my sewing projects!). Iron on your interfacing, if you’re using iron-on like I did, in between the two other pieces.
Now sew the pieces together! (You can pin first if you like.) I sewed two lines to make sure the sides were secure.

Now trim off the excess. Then all you have to do is fold in half and iron!
Voila! Gift tag! Grab a permanent marker to write your message, attach with ribbon, and you’re set πŸ˜€

Granny Squares!

This weekend I was inspired again by granny squares. Have you read my post over on the Birds of a Feather blog? It’s full of creative ideas for using granny squares, and I added a couple links so you can make your own ^_^ After doing the whole post, I found enough time to learn myself! (Yay for babysitting :D) I made my first granny square!!!!

How fun πŸ˜€ Let’s just say this attempt was far more successful than my first – inside a car, at night, tutorial on my phone – haha! For a while now I’ve had some ideas for new products for my shop, but first I needed to learn to make these beautiful little guys :) I’m already working on new projectssss!!!! Look for them soon πŸ˜‰

You Are So Warped.

(Or: How to reuse an old canvas)
(Or: How to make a stenciled painting)

A couple years ago I made a flower painting out of boredom to lighten up my room. After moving in with Alex, it managed to make it onto the wall in our apartment here. After looking at it for this long, I got tired of it. But why just throw it away? Instead, I decided to reuse the canvas! I turned the flower painting into my new “You Are So Warped” stenciled painting:

First things first, I had to get the canvas white. You could use a color of paint you like, or skip this step if your original painting will work for the background! I decided to use gesso. I had actually stretched the canvas myself, and hadn’t gessoed the sides, so I thought it was time :) Because the original painting was textured, I used the thick gesso to smooth it out as well. However, I let some of the texture come through to add a little dimension to my new painting.

Once the gesso dried, it was time to get out the stencils! I used a ruler and pencil to make guidelines, laying out my stencils for spacing. Most stencils come with holes to use as guides. I spaced mine a little off from these, because they seemed a bit uneven :-/ But the holes help make sure your letters are aligned. The most important thing is to make sure all your letters fit where you want them before you start!

All the letters set? Time to mix the paint! YAY! I love mixing paint! I used white, yellow, and blue to make a bright green that we use in accents around our apartment [It happens to be our wedding color!]. I chose to use a bright color on white, but of course you could use multiple colors :)

Time to fill in the stencils! You could tape them down, but I didn’t bother πŸ˜› The middles of the stencils will come up too, unless you use double-sided tape. I just tried to hold them them down while painting. Of course there will be small slip-ups! Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how to fix them πŸ˜‰

When you’ve got them all done, GO WASH YOUR PAINT BRUSH! Just in case you were thinking about leaving it πŸ˜‰ Now, look through your letters. See any mistakes? That’s ok. I used two methods to fix mine. First I used an X-Acto knife (one of my favorite tools, btw) to scrape off some of the unnecessary paint. Then I went back and covered any other mistakes with white paint. It took a couple coats to cover the green.

Much better! Now take a step back and admire your reused-canvas, stenciled painting! How lovely! Now go take pictures and leave me a link so I can see ;D
[In case you are curious, my mom once said this to me, jokingly, and I thought it was hilarious. Her reaction to the painting: “Surely I never said that!” ;)]

April Fool…for spring

Yesterday was wonderful. I’m so glad I had Good Friday off of work.
Did you do anything special?
You can see my list on yesterday’s post πŸ˜‰
Here are the photos from my bike ride, when I left behind all my worries.
It was beautiful.

I then picked up a smoothie from the Daily Juice.
(I needed the nourishment.)
And headed to my sister’s to dye Easter eggs.
(Check out my post on Birds of a Feather
and my video tutorial on Robo Roku!)

And there are a million more photos on Flickr.
It was the best way to start a weekend.
Today was really busy too.
I had a great lunch with Renee, catching up and scheming πŸ˜‰
I ran a couple errands.
And I’ve done lots of photo editing!
Happy Saturday, all :-)

Busy Saturday

Wow, I had a really busy Saturday! The hubby works Saturdays, so it’s my time to catch up on what I need to do.  First off, I finished up this little guy and did a photoshoot. I am getting much more efficient with both shooting and editing, which makes me really happy :) Hubby still says I spend too much time on it, but I want to make sure they looks good.

Then I packed up this embroidered heart and mailed it off. A little sad to see it go, but excited that it’s going to someone who will love it!

After weeks of putting it off, I finally got my bangs trimmed! After all the hair chatter lately, I kind of want to dye it red or cut it short! But I really like my color, and I’d probably look like a boy with short hair >_< Not sure how long I’ll keep the bangs. I’ve had them since…December? Maybe another couple months.

I’m SO excited to announce that I bought cupcake tins :D:D:D The husband mentioned that he wanted to make cupcakes, and (can you believe it??) I’ve NEVER made them before!! So I picked some up, and I’m super excited to get started! Let me know if you have a yummy cupcake recipe :)

(cupcakes from weheartit)

AND I recorded with Renee of Robo Roku for an Easter Egg tutorial! I’m very happy to spread the inspiration. Easter Eggs are sooo much fun! You don’t have to be limited to stickers, crayons, and single colored eggs πŸ˜‰ I’ll let you know when it’s up in a couple weeks, and give you a few extra ideas.

Then it was Kenpo with the hubby (day 13/90 in P90X!), followed by dinner at Nuevo Leon with his family πŸ˜€ (I also ate a table over from Britt Daniel of Spoon – my college roommate was obsessed with him!)

You Amaze Me Sunday post coming soon!


Eek! I have a video tutorial and feature over on Robo Roku‘s blog! Go check it out for instructions to make my Valentine’s Day heart plushes and to learn a little more about me ^_^ I have to say I was verrry nervous to do this – I hate watching myself on video! But I think it turned out pretty well, and it was really fun to work with Renee. We’ll be recording another one for Easter πŸ˜€

Anyway, you should check it out – it’s quick and easy, making a perfect last-minute V-Day gift!

In other exciting news, I’m planning to have a booth at the 78704 Artist Market on Saturday, March 20! I’ll be sharing with a couple other Etsy Austin members, and I think it’s going to be a good ol’ time :) So come see me down on South Congress next month πŸ˜€

It’s Happening!

1. I’ve already jotted down a schedule to try out!
2. Wanna help? (kidding…sorta ;)) shop
3. Paintings that inspire me:
Marcelo Pambo (via artnet)
 Takashi Murakami (via Art Radar Asia)
4. Something like…
(via knitty – patterns: holla and surface)
5. I’d love something like these from Anthropologie
6. Craft Riot by Etsy Austin, definitely! Looking into others, too :)
7. Definitely would be more organized. (And I love organization.)
8. I’d been thinking about it, and then seeing this:
…put my over the edge. I’m doing it.
(work of Elsie at A Beautiful Mess)
9.This one is pretty:
10. It‘s started with my bestie, but not quite ready to be viewed yet πŸ˜‰

Deck the Halls

I had a lot of fun making pop-up christmas trees this week! I tested out some prototypes at work, then finalized the plans yesterday at home. They stand up a lot better now that I’ve removed the trunk, and I think they look even better.

Last week the hubby and I decorated our home for the holidays, too! The cardboard Christmas tree I made a couple years ago when I had no space for even the smallest 3D tree, and I still love it. Hubby and I made our cardboard wreath this year, and I think it’s great. (Truth be told, Alex did the most work on it, but I made the pattern and helped with painting!) I know a lot of people prefer colored lights, but small, white lights are just so romantic, don’t you think? :-)

Oh! If anyone wants a tutorial for the wreath, please let me know! I’d be glad to put one together if someone would use it :-) Happy holidays!

Camp Drawings

As you may know, my current day job is teaching swim lessons at a preschool/daycare/summer camp (ages 3-12). Right now the pool is broken, so I’ve been subbing in different areas of the school. Today I was with a group of campers mostly ages 5-6. I got to teach art today! Who doesn’t love to spend a couple hours coloring with the kiddos? :)

I led a project where everyone grabbed two colored pencils and started a drawing. After a couple minutes, we all passed our papers to the left and continued on one another’s drawings. We kept passing around the circle until everyone got their own drawings back (thankfully we wrote our names down first – several didn’t recognize theirs!). What a fun project day! We only had a couple hiccups, but it went pretty smoothly. [Most of] the kids loved their drawings! Here are mine:

The last one is my favorite :) I want to get together a group of friends and do the same thing….I wonder if they’d be interested.