Rainbow Party

Yesterday I had a rainbow party! I woke up, put on my brightest clothing (pink shirt, yellow sweater, blue polka dot skirt, and my rainbow socks!) and got to baking. You see, I had several layers to make for my rainbow cake!

Rainbow socks & baking

I decided to make red velvet cake for the red and purple layers. I used this recipe from Bitter Sweet. I doubled the recipe and then split it between two layers. For the center layers of my cake I used this amazing vegan white cake recipe from My Vegan Cookbook. SO TASTY! Since it specifically warns against doubling the recipe, I actually made it twice, then divided each batch into two colors. I sloppily iced everything with this white vegan cake icing as guests arrived! It was a mess, but soooo tasty.

Rainbow cake!

Alex got a few rainbow candies and made pink lemonade. We also made fruit and veggie platters in rainbow order, and our friends brought some more rainbow foods! It was a deliciously colorful feast :)

Rainbow fruit

I didn’t have to do much decorating, as we already have lots of color in our apartment! I did pull out my rainbow quilt. [The party was originally going to be a picnic in the park, but we were rained out. Austin needs the rain though, so no complaints here!] For the table, I laid down some sparkly cellophane, then arranged all of our rainbow food :)

Rainbow feast

Such a fun day, all dedicated to rainbows :) It was a great way to put some color into a gray and rainy day!

Thursday Threads – St. Patrick's Day

2011 March 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m wearing: awesome headband by Lovely Lotus Designs (green!); Lucite necklace (green!); tank top (green!); blue top, Old Navy; striped skirt, Gap; Simple shoes (green!)

Okay, I don’t really have a giant shamrock…but I’m feeling the green! I acted green today, too :) Not envious, of course – I rode my bike to and from work, and we have the windows open instead of using the A/C. Plus I’m wearing my Simple Shoes, which are eco-friendly. In other green news, I made pesto from scratch and it was delicious!

How was your day of green?

Thursday Threads #40

The weather has been up and down again this week. Mainly down 😛 But even though it didn’t get above freezing yesterday, it’ll be in the 70s this weekend. But enough about that, on to my favorite outfit this week!

Thursday Threads #40

Knitted sweater – gift
Cerulean fitted t-shirt – Old Navy
Skinny jeans – Gap
Polka dot socks, gray flats, wedding rings

Thursday Threads #39

For the record, on Monday I was wearing a skirt and t-shirt, as it was 75 at dinnertime. It’s 25° out right now – and hopefully we’ll be getting snow! I’m really happy with my drawing today. I think I’m getting better at keeping them true to one style. Plus I love this outfit!

Thursday Threads #39

Knitted hat – made by me!
Seafoam green turtleneck – Target, gift from my sister :)
Brown cargo pants, purple knee-high socks, and brown flats

Etsy Crush: Hats

Wouldn’t it be fun if hats were back in style? I love watching old movies in which a gentleman or lady just didn’t go out without a hat perched jauntily on his/her head! I mean, you can see someone wearing a hat anywhere you go, but they currently aren’t a fashion necessity. They are, however, a great way to jazz up any outfit, keep the sun out of your eyes, and/or keep your head warm! So now, for your viewing pleasure, a selection of fine hats from Etsy!

A modern twist on hats adorned with birds by Behida Dolic:When Birds Were Hats

An elegant hat for a day at the races by Manon of Hollywood:Elegant Orange Hat for Weddings and the Races

A red cloche to be worn in several ways, by Terry Graziano:Sweetheart rose red cloche - wool hat for women

A tweed hat with a natural feel by Aka Tombo:A walk in Autumn brown tweed hat

A lacy wool hat for ladylike occasions by Zzouzi Hats:Lace Grey Pillbox

A sparkling pillbox hat for girlier occasions, by the ever-talented Janine Basil:Rhinestone pillbox hat in gunmetal grey

A vibrant newsboy hat for the fun-at-work day from Rocks and Salt:Vibrant Green Wool Newsboy Hat - Janis - M

A statement-making, bright red hat for when you’re feeling bold, by McLaine O.:Pillbox Hat HANDMADE

And a hand-knit beanie for cold days like today (!) by happyspace:Amazing Hand knitted white beanie wool hat with pompom

The good thing about one hat style being in fashion is that you can wear a different one for every occasion! 😀

You Amaze Me, Street Color


A color palette can come from just about anything. Choose your favorite poster, painting, tapestry – they’ve all got a palette. A sophisticated color palette can even come from something as simple (or not so simple) as getting dressed in the morning. Look Book and Wear Palettes both log inspiration in the form of street clothes and their color palettes.

i'll send a nasty text, to show i'm not impressed i'll send a nasty text, to show i'm not impressed

You’ll notice that any good outfit has a set of colors that compliment one another (not to say they’re all complimentary colors). They don’t have to be one shade or hue, but they coordinate in a way that is beautiful. So why not grab a color palette from someone well-dressed?


Of course, the same is true in reverse: You can make a great outfit using a beautiful color palette. Find colors you love together, then search your closet and piece together something beautiful to wear! And if you’re anything like me, you’ll see an instant palette just by opening your closet doors. Hm, maybe I should branch out in my color choices…

Louder than sirens, louder than bellsLouder than sirens, louder than bells

As a side note, my favorite websites to find or make color palettes are COLOURlovers and Kuler (an Adobe site). Test them out, or find your palette somewhere in your world.

Where do you find your color palettes?

Thursday Threads #36

Hello! Don’t worry – Thursday Threads drawings will resume soon :) I’m just taking some much needed family fun time at the moment. Here are some trends I’m currently loving:

Lace dresses: They’re a little girlier than my normal style, but paired with a military jacket or some chunky boots – perfection for me! (Anthropologie)Spinning Lace Dress

Sweater dresses (with leggings): Super comfy and easy on the figure 😉 (Victoria’s Secret)Sloucy Cable Sweaterdress

Thigh-high socks: Of course I’ve always loved these, especially knit! (American Apparel)

Over-the-knee boots: There’s a fine line between sexy and slutty, but if done right these look great! (Saks Fifth Avenue)

Dolce Vita Braeden Suede Over-The-Knee Boots