Wow. Good thing I have been working like crazy! I’ve finished 5 Christmas gifts this week, and already have a couple more started 😀 I just can’t wait for people to open them!! Since many of my lovely family and friends read my blog (I found out, even though they rarely comment 😛 *hint*), I can’t actually show you what I’ve been working on :(

Instead I’m going to share some fabulously festive photos I’ve taken using Instagram 😀

Alex at the festively decorated Hula Hut
Sweet Treats Tree at Toy Joy
Santa has a parrot
Chase snoozing
Our 4' Christmas Tree :)

I seriously love Christmastime. Everyone’s so festive and happy, and interested in helping other people…you know, how it should be all year ’round 😉  I hope all of your presents are coming along smoothly and that you’re enjoying the season, too!

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