The Joy of Audiobooks

I have been doing a lot of crocheting lately. Most of my handmade gifts this Christmas were crocheted. I used to throw on a movie while working on projects (yay Netflix streaming!), but this winter I starated using a new method to keep my mind busy during my craft making: audiobooks! Brilliant, right? Besides the fact that I don’t like always staring at a screen, it can be distracting to try to watch something while crafting. On most projects, I can afford to look elsewhere a good portion of the time (especially on long projects like blankets!), but it does of course make me more susceptible to mistakes. Listening to an audiobook is just as interesting as a movie, but you can keep your eyes on your work!

For Christmas, my wonderful hubby got me some awesome headphones, so I’ve really been enjoying my crochet accompanied by a book “on tape” 😉 We don’t have too many, but a friend did give me all the Harry Potter books, so that’s lasting me a while! Plus, Jim Dale (who narrates the series) is utterly amazing. It’s a whole new way to experience the series!

At any rate, that is my latest discovery in crafting :) I’ve even been taking my headphones and craft bag to work, so i can crochet and listen on my lunch break. I just pick a pretty spot in the park and enjoy :)

What do you prefer – TV, music, movies, silence? How do you work best?

One thought on “The Joy of Audiobooks”

  1. That is a great idea!!

    I normally craft while we watch our normal shows during the week and there has been many times when Andy has to either rewind or tell me what happened on the screen cause I missed it! Opps!!

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