I set a goal last month to list 10 new items in my shop in the first week of March. I’ve thought a lot about how I want to proceed with my shop, and decided several things. 1: I love art, craft, and design – and want to use all of them. 2: I love several styles and methods for each and I want to use all of them, too. 3: I love interior design!

In conclusion: I’ve started a home dec line 😀

I’ve had so much fun brainstorming, planning, and creating my new line! It allows me to use my background in architecture, art, and design in a new and exciting way. This way I can combine new and old styles, methods, materials, and more into a brand all my own. I’ll be listing all weekend, and I hope you love my new products!

Home Sweet Homei <3 u cross stitch

Etsy Crush: Umbrellas

It’s been drizzly here in Austin, Texas, and that has me thinking about umbrellas! Normally I actually don’t use an umbrella myself – I like to feel the rain :) But I do like umbrellas in and of themselves. They have such an instantly recognizable shape! They’re completely practical, yet somehow whimsical at the same time. So I went on a search through Etsy to see what kinds of people are making with this rainy day icon.

I found a fun greeting card by Earmark:Hello below Fun and Whimsical Greeting card for all ocassions

A hand carved rubber stamp by eat pray create:Umbrella Hand Carved Rubber Stamp

A spring showers ring by Minty Fresh Studio:Spring Showers - Adjustable Ring

A rainy day in Brooklyn print by Art Shark Designs:New York Love gocco art print- Brooklyn Bridge

A spring rain oil painting by Karen’s Fine Art:Karen Tarlton Original oil painting Ladies in Spring Rain

April showers gift wrap by Smock Paper:April Gift Wrap/Wrapping Paper. 100 percent post consumer recycled paper. 4 sheets. 922

A crochet pattern for a parasol by Fashion Patterns:White Lace Parasol PDF Pattern

A fine art print of a sun umbrella at the beach by Irene Suchocki:umbreLLa - Fine art polaroid photograph

And a fun, printable cocktail umbrellas by print your party:Printable Cocktail Umbrellas- Wedding Designs

I used to collect the umbrellas that came in my Shirley Temples. And when I was little I had a Mini Mouse umbrella. It was clear, so I could see the rain falling through it! What was your favorite umbrella?