Three Things Friday

Oh man, this week has been insane! I can’t believe Craft Riot is tomorrow (forgive me if I mention it too much – it’s all I’ve been thinking about!) and Thanksgiving is next Thursday!! Wow. This year is going to be over before we know it!

This week:
The good: I’m getting really good at crocheting!
The not-so-good: My sewing machine is having issues :(
The best: I’ve been on a product making spree, and it’s been great for my creative soul! Consider the Project Completion Marathon a success 😀

I also got a new iPhone ^___^ The upgrade from the original iPhone (3 years old) to the iPhone 4 is AMAZING. I also got the Instagram app, and it’s so much fun!

Rush Hour SunsetMean Green Sewing MachineSewing SuppliesSucculent

How was your week? Did you complete any projects?

Project Completion Marathon

Sometimes I have a hard time finishing things that I start. I just have so many ideas (especially for my shop), that I try to do too many things at once. In my excitement I begin doing everything I think of, but don’t have time to complete them all. And then there’s that part of me that worries I won’t like the finished product… And I have so many other projects that I want to work on… So I put off finishing, and start something new…over and over again. It’s a bad habit. And then they all pile up! [Ok, it’s probably not as bad as it sounds. But I do hate how many unfinished projects I have lying around!!]

The good news is that I have deadlines coming soon :) And the perfectionist part of me knows that a deadline is far more important than any little insecurities. (Plus I’ll be much happier when they’re done :D) Deadlines:

  1. November 20 is Craft Riot
  2. November 27 is the San Antonio holiday fair
  3. December 25 is Christmas!

And I have so many things I want to share for each of these :) Thus, it’s time to get busy. (Er, busier.) Tonight I start with faces, because these poor little creatures are so naked!Huggles and Monsters

Tomorrow will be my sewing day. It’s been a couple weeks since I lugged out my good ol’ Green Machine – I’m looking forward to it :) Do you have any projects you want to finish this week? Want to join in my project completion marathon? :)

Etsy Crush: Cozy in Grey

Though we had a brief stint of fall in September, it was back in the 80s-90s through October. However, November is finally bringing chillier weather and I’m dreaming of snuggling up near a fire in warm hues.

I’ll start with a soft, gray blanket by Donnas HobbyGray Blanket with Fringe - Great Photo Prop

And lean on a shabby chic pillow by OctaviShabby chic style beach house striped cushion blue grey kapok with vintage tea stained cotton

I’ll light some knit lanterns by PolClaryLarge Cable Tea Light Lanterns, Vases, Set of 2 - Soft Light Gray

And keep my tea warm with this squirrel cozy by Fuzzy Logic FeltGray Felted Wool Squirrel Tea Cozy

I’ll throw on some handmade slippers by onstailFelted slippers Light Gray HANDMADE TO ORDER

Keep my neck warm with this circle scarf by Murano & TaguaNEW - the dockside circle scarf in SILVER GREY (vegan friendly)

And decorate with hearts by reyaveltmanGray Heart Hanger/Mobile

And when I go outside, I’ll wear this slacker beanie by the lovely Miss Indiethe slacker beanie hat in pumpkin and gray.

Or strut my stuff in this gorgeous capelet by reflectionsbydsGray Cozy Warm Cable Mohair Capelet - Winter Fashion

It’s going to be a gorgeously cozy winter! See the these items and more in my “Cozy in Grey” treasury :)

Summer Projects

Obviously I’m going to be very busy this summer. I’m job hunting, starting Craft Academy, updating my Etsy shop, probably redesigning my blog (time for a facelift, right?), and continuing to work on my portfolio. But aside from all that “work” (hehe), I’d like to throw in some fun, personal projects. Here are a few I have my eye on…

Fruity trivets and potholders via the Purl Bee (aren’t these adorable?!)
I’m thinking the lime is my fav, but I may make a new color combo to make apples! Which would you do?
Rainbow cupcakes! (Lemon Drop Rainbow Cupcakes via Bite Size Baker)
I love rainbows and I love cupcakes. So…makes sense, right? :)
The Danielle Dress, a free pattern on BurdaStyle
This dress should be pretty easy to modify – neckline, length, sleeves, etc. And it’s so simple and cute! I’m excited to make another dress ^_^ (Plus it’s on my 2010 goals!)
Or maybe I’ll make this Work Dress (it’s a wrap style), also on BurdaStyle.
It’s pretty nifty, not to mention handy! I looove pockets.
Crocheted Dishcloths via Lion Brand Yarn
 I think my favorite thing might actually be the colors 😛
Root beer cookies?! That just sounds awesome! [Recipe here, but via The Dainty Squid] I also found some Dr. Pepper chocolate cake mix, so I may have to try to make my own recipe for that…It’s going to be a tasty summer!

I’d also like to knit (or maybe crochet) a small shrug. I haven’t found the perfect free pattern yet though. Anyone have one to share? Aside from these, we’ll probably also be working on our apartment…I love redecorating 😀 And Alex and I are thinking of getting me an old Honda motorcycle to rebuild…….but that may be a more distant project. But I can still think about it this summer ;D

What just-for-fun projects are you working on this summer?

Busy Saturday, Take 5

I’m so happy it’s the weekend!
And it’s going to be a productive one 😀

This morning is taking care of the dogs (we’re dog-sitting for my honeymooning sister) and blogging. Have you checked the Birds of a Feather blog lately? Today I did a post – The Colors of New Orleans – that I’m really proud of 😀 You should go check it out 😉

After this, I’m going to bike [yay for bike rides!] over to meet Renee to talk about Craft Academy :D:D:D I’m sooo excited! You can click on the icon in the sidebar to sign up for the newsletter. Registration will open soon, and classes start next month!!! It’s gonna be good.

Then it’ll be back home. This is the first Saturday in months that the hubby and I can spend at home together. ^_^ It’ll be an afternoon full of laundry, cleaning, and projects, but at least we’ll be with each other! Aside from chores, my main goals for today are finishing up some new headbands for the shop and working on my website! The design is done, I just need to implement it.

And tonight I’m babysitting and then going to a housewarming party :-) This is seriously an awesome day. What do you have planned?

Granny Squares!

This weekend I was inspired again by granny squares. Have you read my post over on the Birds of a Feather blog? It’s full of creative ideas for using granny squares, and I added a couple links so you can make your own ^_^ After doing the whole post, I found enough time to learn myself! (Yay for babysitting :D) I made my first granny square!!!!

How fun 😀 Let’s just say this attempt was far more successful than my first – inside a car, at night, tutorial on my phone – haha! For a while now I’ve had some ideas for new products for my shop, but first I needed to learn to make these beautiful little guys :) I’m already working on new projectssss!!!! Look for them soon 😉