Three Things Friday, etc.

This week…

The good: I finished my mom-in-law’s Christmas present – an apron made from chicken fabric – and it is sooo cute! I’m excited to make the matching pot holders!Chicken Apron

The not-so-good: I’ve been a little overwhelmed with my to-do list o_O But not too bad!

The best: I received this charming package from Diane at Dearly Dee. She wrapped everything so sweetly and inside were tons of cute goodies! Thanks, Diane!! {hugs}Dearly Dee packagesDearly Dee goodies

Also, in case you haven’t seen them yet…CANDY CORN CUPCAKES *cupcake dance*Candy Corn Cupcakes!

(Yes, I have a cupcake dance.)

What were your three things this week? And are you making any special Halloween goodies?? :d (And can you tell it’s my favorite holiday? ;))