Thursday Threads – St. Patrick's Day

2011 March 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m wearing: awesome headband by Lovely Lotus Designs (green!); Lucite necklace (green!); tank top (green!); blue top, Old Navy; striped skirt, Gap; Simple shoes (green!)

Okay, I don’t really have a giant shamrock…but I’m feeling the green! I acted green today, too :) Not envious, of course – I rode my bike to and from work, and we have the windows open instead of using the A/C. Plus I’m wearing my Simple Shoes, which are eco-friendly. In other green news, I made pesto from scratch and it was delicious!

How was your day of green?

Thursday Threads #40

The weather has been up and down again this week. Mainly down 😛 But even though it didn’t get above freezing yesterday, it’ll be in the 70s this weekend. But enough about that, on to my favorite outfit this week!

Thursday Threads #40

Knitted sweater – gift
Cerulean fitted t-shirt – Old Navy
Skinny jeans – Gap
Polka dot socks, gray flats, wedding rings

Thursday Threads #39

For the record, on Monday I was wearing a skirt and t-shirt, as it was 75 at dinnertime. It’s 25° out right now – and hopefully we’ll be getting snow! I’m really happy with my drawing today. I think I’m getting better at keeping them true to one style. Plus I love this outfit!

Thursday Threads #39

Knitted hat – made by me!
Seafoam green turtleneck – Target, gift from my sister :)
Brown cargo pants, purple knee-high socks, and brown flats