Thursday Threads #36

Hello! Don’t worry – Thursday Threads drawings will resume soon :) I’m just taking some much needed family fun time at the moment. Here are some trends I’m currently loving:

Lace dresses: They’re a little girlier than my normal style, but paired with a military jacket or some chunky boots – perfection for me! (Anthropologie)Spinning Lace Dress

Sweater dresses (with leggings): Super comfy and easy on the figure 😉 (Victoria’s Secret)Sloucy Cable Sweaterdress

Thigh-high socks: Of course I’ve always loved these, especially knit! (American Apparel)

Over-the-knee boots: There’s a fine line between sexy and slutty, but if done right these look great! (Saks Fifth Avenue)

Dolce Vita Braeden Suede Over-The-Knee Boots

Etsy Crush: Fairy Costume

To be a fairy…

I would need a beautiful dress for frolicking in the forest (from CreoleSha)Butterfly Dreams and Fairy Wishes Funky Tattered Mini Dress

And a shiny pair of wings (from Emilycraft)Flutterby Wings- for the Fairy, Pixie, Nymph, Sprite in your Heart

My eyes would shimmer (from orglamix) Opal - Pure Organic Mineral Eye Color

And I would have twigs in my hair (from WoodlandBelle) Woodland Nymph Mossy Tiny Twig Hair Pins

I’d adorn myself with silver leaves (from PhenomenaJewelry) Silver Leaf Bridal Headpiece with free shipping

Wear a nest on my chest (from Pomp & Plumage) LOVE NEST BOUTONNIERE . Bird nest, moss, feather and pearl boutonniere

And carry a firefly lantern (from AprilHilerDesigns) Natural Wedding Firefly Lantern/ Basket

I’d capture a piece of the forest to keep close to my heart (from WoodlandBelle) Tiny Moss, Mushroom and Fern Terrarium Necklace

And leave dewdrops before the morn (from ISPhotography) Pearly dew drops drop - Fine art photograph - spider web

Perhaps I shall be a fairy for Halloween…:)