I set a goal last month to list 10 new items in my shop in the first week of March. I’ve thought a lot about how I want to proceed with my shop, and decided several things. 1: I love art, craft, and design – and want to use all of them. 2: I love several styles and methods for each and I want to use all of them, too. 3: I love interior design!

In conclusion: I’ve started a home dec line 😀

I’ve had so much fun brainstorming, planning, and creating my new line! It allows me to use my background in architecture, art, and design in a new and exciting way. This way I can combine new and old styles, methods, materials, and more into a brand all my own. I’ll be listing all weekend, and I hope you love my new products!

Home Sweet Homei <3 u cross stitch


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Also, I wanted to share with you one of my listings – Human Heart Embroidery:Human Heart Embroidery on Linen

I hand embroidered this lovely organ on linen with three different colors from my own design. You can frame it, sew it on to something, or give it as-is to your someone special! Why not take a literal view on “I ♡ YOU” this Valentine’s Day? 😉

You Amaze Me, Jenny Hart

Since I’ve been doing a lot of embroidery lately, I thought it would be nice to recognize someone who inspires me with her needlework. Jenny Hart is the founder of Sublime Stitching in Austin, Texas. She is the author of several embroidery books and an inspiring blog. But of course what I find most amazing is her work. Tired of kitschy ducks and dolls, she started embroidering in her own way, creating incredible portraits and an original line of beautiful embroidery patterns. [As always, click on an image to go to its source.]

jenny hart sublime stitchingCoral reef jenny hart sublime stitchingjenny hart sublime stitching portraitJenny Hart Sublime Stitching CrazinessJenny Hart Sublime Stitching Embroidery UnicornJenny Hart Sublime Stitching Embroidery CampingForest Friends embroidery pattern Jenny Hart Sublime Stitching EmbroideryJenny Hart Sublime Stitching EmbroideryJenny Hart Sublime Stitching Embroidery

For being a true artist and master of the needle, you amaze me, Jenny Hart.

Check out her website and Flickr stream for photos of her work.

Etsy Finds: Anniversary

(photo by Our City Lights)

Today’s Etsy Finds are dedicated to celebrating the first year with my husband 😀

I have to start off with this amazing t-shirt by pinkvelvetpress (Alex totally needs this):I heart My Wife T-Shirt

Since the first anniversary gift is traditionally paper (and I love papercutsbyjoe), here’s my fav piece:Kissing Couple on Bike

This sweetheart tree & tweet pair by urastarhouse is adorable (just like us ;)):Sweetheart Tree and Tweet Pair

I’d love to have a custom cartoon of us by jordyluxe!2-Person Custom Cartoon

I want to give him this card by hellojuliamade because it’s true:You Light Up My Life

I’d get him these cufflinks by tinytokensdesigns so he can’t forget the date 😉 [not that he would]KEEPSAKE CUFFLINKS

An embroidery is the best way to tell a person how you feel :) (by monkeyandsquirrel)home is wherever i'm with you

I would love love love to get a custom Skunkboy Creatures order!!Owl Couple

Because we’re graphic designers who love ampersands (by fifiduvie)Ampersand Love

And because he is my sunshine (and he likes pink), this print by jessgonacha:you are my sunshine PINK

Oh, they’d all be such great gifts!

PS: Win a print of your choice and some handmade goodies – enter now!

Etsy Update!

I just did a HUGE update to my Etsy shop AJ the Purple!
I added a completely new product – Embroidered Bracelets!
I seriously love these. I hope you do, too ^_^
I added the new Squid Monsters and Fairy to my prints section
(Squid Monsters was by special request – the first one already sold! :D)

There are now lots of ACEOs 😀
And of course there are Huggles 😉
And, because I love you,
First 3 orders today get a special surprise
Go check it out! 😀

Scenic Embroidery

I just finished this yesterday and I am super excited about it! I completely love it and can’t wait to get it in the shop. I made sure to use a slightly different stitch for each element and I’m really happy with the result. Once I get it framed and set I’ll upload some detail pics!

I’m already planning a new series 😀 It’s combining two of my loves and it’s going to be awesome.

Etsy Finds: Watermelon

Summertime to me is watermelon ^_^
Here are a few lovely watermelon-themed products I found on Etsy:
A watermelon red dress by Clothingwholesale:
A cross-stitch pattern by andwabisabi:
Juicy watermelon earrings by sypria:
Flower bobby pins by alovelycreation:
Watermelon yarn by shunklies:
Fluffy vegan soap by dennisanderson:
An original painting by artflat5:
To see more of my watermelon favs, check out my “Sweet Watermelon” treasury!