I’ve now joined Blog Lovin! Follow my blog with bloglovin

Are you on Blog Lovin? Leave me a comment and I’ll follow you, too! :) And of course you can follow me with my new Google tool in the sidebar as well! (It works through google, facebook, twitter, etc.)

Also, there’s now an easier way to contact me, should you need it! Look up there on my header – the far right link is my contact page. Just fill out the little form and it’ll send me an email 😀

Look at me getting connected all over! Maybe I’ll even get a Tumblr eventually 😉

Also, I wanted to share with you one of my listings – Human Heart Embroidery:Human Heart Embroidery on Linen

I hand embroidered this lovely organ on linen with three different colors from my own design. You can frame it, sew it on to something, or give it as-is to your someone special! Why not take a literal view on “I ♡ YOU” this Valentine’s Day? 😉