3 Things Friday

The Good: I got some delicious, deep purple, dupioni silk for some upcoming projects. Ohhh it’s good enough to eat!

Purple Dupioni silk

The Not-so-Good: With the new job, I’m having a hard time fitting in much crafting!

The Great: I got to use a Canon EOS 5D – a digital SLR camera, and it was amazing. After a few photoshoots, I’m really getting the hang of all the manual settings! I may have to become a full-time photographer so I can have one for my very own ;D The photos just turn out so beautifully…

Canon EOS 5D digital SLR Camera

Fabric Button Ornaments

Mini tree with Fabric Button Ornaments

Here’s a little tutorial to make some adorable button ornaments!

First, cut fabric of your choice (consider a theme for your tree as you go) and use a button maker to make your fabric buttons.

Add ribbon to fabric button ornament

Then attach coordinating ribbon or a wire hook to the back of the button.

Lastly, hang on your tree and admire your work!

Fabric Button Ornaments hanging on treeFabric Button Ornaments hanging on tree

Three Things Friday, etc.

This week…

The good: I finished my mom-in-law’s Christmas present – an apron made from chicken fabric – and it is sooo cute! I’m excited to make the matching pot holders!Chicken Apron

The not-so-good: I’ve been a little overwhelmed with my to-do list o_O But not too bad!

The best: I received this charming package from Diane at Dearly Dee. She wrapped everything so sweetly and inside were tons of cute goodies! Thanks, Diane!! {hugs}Dearly Dee packagesDearly Dee goodies

Also, in case you haven’t seen them yet…CANDY CORN CUPCAKES *cupcake dance*Candy Corn Cupcakes!

(Yes, I have a cupcake dance.)

What were your three things this week? And are you making any special Halloween goodies?? :d (And can you tell it’s my favorite holiday? ;))