You Amaze Me, Thomas Wold

How have a just learned of Thomas Wold? His background in visual arts and furniture design have led him to create colorful, funky, wonderful pieces of furniture-art (I am officially naming a new genre). His pieces are everything from suave to outrageous, and they’re all really cool. Seriously, he has such a cool style!

He manages to combine so many variations in color and texture all into a cohesive design. He does everything from side tables to complete kitchen installations. Each piece fits well into its surroundings, yet stands out as a piece of art. Several of his furniture pieces feature reclaimed or recycled materials, too.

Good Hotel Lobbyrock candy

Plaid Credenza

Mushroom Table

mixed breed media credenza

san rafael kitchen

For your innovative style and cool use of color and material, you amaze me, Thomas Wold.

Check out his stuff: Blog | Portfolio Store | Tumblr

A Modern Bookcase

Data Furniture Otto Shelving

Can I just say how much I love these shelves by Data? You can tell in all of their shelving that they’ve really considered how books will look in the finished product. Each shelf of the Otto has 8 metal rods that act as bookends; they can be moved around to accommodate your collection. Plus, the shelves are varying heights to fit both hardcover and paperback books in a way that saves space (a genious idea, if I do say so myself, that we had when designing & building our bookcases!). It’s the little details that really make the difference. Overall I think it looks a bit top-heavy (though pretty) when empty, but it’d look great with tall, hardcover art books all along the top shelf!

What’s your favorite bookcase?

Etsy Crush: Stools

Stools are super handy. They’re small, convenient seats or foot rests that can be re-purposed as side tables when not in use. The hubs and I have been looking into stools as a possible solution to our nightstand problem, as well as extra seating since we love to entertain! Another thing I love about stools? They come in so many different styles! Here are a few I’ve found while perusing the every-style-welcome Etsy:

First is this handmade, cubicle stool made from upcycled coffee bean bags (VelvetBean):Planalto Coffee Sack Ottoman - Handmade by VelvetBean on Etsy

Next is this set of groovy, vintage, tufted velvet stools (Fabulous Mess):

Take a look at this beautiful and ergonomic stool (Owl Stool):Owl Stool 18"

Deckstool uses broken skateboards as both his inspiration and his material:recycled skateboard stool - 145

A uniquely homey stool from recycled wood and granny squares (Wood & Wool Stool):wood and wool stool

These recyclable plastic stools are good for indoors and outdoors (fix studio):ube

This sculptural, natural wood stool is made to be comfortable too (Jolyon Yates):Birch Stingray Stool (chair)

These stools, from used oak wine barrel, are made to order (Chili Pepper Woodworks):Recycled Wine Barrel Wine Makers Bench

The “Giddyup” stool is customizable and easy to move (Quartertwenty):Giddyup Stool - Powder Coated Base with Marimekko fabric Seat

These plywood stools can be flat-packed and come in fun, retro colors (Mike Hindmarsh):Ply Stool - Flat packable

So many fun designs! Which ones would you choose? How would you use them?

PS: Thank you for stopping by my weekly Etsy Crush post! I hope you make it back for some of my other weekly features and posts :)

Lego furniture

How cute it this Lego-like furniture by The Life Aesthetic? Made of solid plywood instead of plastic, they’re real furniture and would add such a pop to any room! And you know I have a soft spot for Legos. Unfortunately, they only deliver in the UK, but maybe one day…

For the kids, there’s the Ogle Wooden Toy Box:Ogle Wooden Toy Box

And for adults there’s the stylish Ogle Coffee (and Side) Table:The Ogle Coffee Table

Sneak Peek: Bedroom

Interior design is one passion of mine. It’s a way of shaping the space we live in, of giving it a unique character to fit our lifestyles. It’s something I love to create and work on. In that spirit, I think it’s time to share with you our little space in the world.

We moved into this apartment at the end of November. We held our Christmas party two weeks later so that we’d unpack quickly. Well, we managed to unpack (!), but it took another couple weeks to get everything arranged just right, and to decorate with pictures on the walls and such. This month Alex and I have been working on our Style File for our home. We know we won’t be in this apartment forever, so we’re working on a vision of how we want our eventual home to look. Why buy things to fit in a temporary location? So we’re planning basic color palettes, fabrics, textures, and styles for each room.

I think our bedroom is the closest to “done,” although we have several things we still want to amend :) Right now the colors are grays and blues, but we eventually want to move to gray, silver, and a deep purple. We painted the walls a gray-blue color (over the icky taupe that was there) to create a cool, calming space. We have mainly low-profile furniture and a few of our favorite things displayed. This is the hardest place to keep uncluttered!


1. The heart tree painting looks great above our bed; I think it really fills in the space well. Alex will be repainting it soon with the new color theme!

2. We’ll eventually make a new bed (this one’s Ikea) – we’re still in the planning stages. I just made the body pillow (see the DIY here), and I have plans for a quilt.

3. Atop my dresser: Hand-painted tile mirror, jewelry box, cute photo of Alex, origami from a friend’s wedding, and an antique painting from my grandmother’s bedroom.

4. We’re also planning to build nightstands! My must-haves are shown: current books, sketchbook, reading lamp, my Batman alarm clock, and a basket for odds & ends.

Bedroom 2

5. “A is for amazing” print from our BFFs

6. I bought this vintage dresser for $10, then repainted it and added new handles for a fresh look! [What I checked for: the drawers slide smoothly, and no wobbles.]

7. Vintage, tufted, yellow velvet bench I inherited from my nana.

8. Grrr…dinosaurs from my last birthday party stand guard in front of my upcycled planters, which were wine bottles I cleaned for centerpieces at our wedding reception!

9. A little stuffed collection! From left to right: Mr. Polar Bear, Ox, Mr. Bonehead (made by my bestie), Moxie, Ice Bat. We may like Ugly Dolls 😉 In front is the i <3 u pillow I made!

It’s definitely a work-in-progress, but that’s one of the things we love about it. It’s hard to get something perfect when you have strong tastes, a limited budget, and love making things yourself! But in the end, it’s definitely worth it. What’s most important in our bedroom is comfort: soft colors, handmade touches, and some of our favorite things.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little sneak peek into our home! I’ll keep them coming so you can see more of my style and what I like to make in my “free” time :)

Three Things Friday

The good: I cleaned/tidied/organized my apartment, including a lovely rearrangement of our bookshelves (see below). It makes me so happy!

The not-so-good: I didn’t work out much at all, because my knee hurts when it’s cold :(

The great: I got two sewing projects checked off our new “HOME IMPROVEMENTS” list 😀 I’ll be posting a tutorial tomorrow for one, and the other I’ll show you next week!

Rainbow books

I’ve always been obsessed with color-coding things, so I’m so glad I was finally able to do this!

Flat Chair

YKSI chair

This simple, economical chair first caught my attention because it reminded me of my thesis project during my final design semester. Folding intricate pieces from a flat sheet has always been of great interest to me. It is both cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly, because it usually makes less waste, requires less material, and saves space during shipping.

This little gem folds from one piece of lightweight, recyclable cardboard. It ships and stores flat, and can be put together in a snap. And, most amazingly, it actually looks good. Since the base is white, it would be quite easy to customize any chair to fit your style. And when you’re done, fold them up and put them away, or toss them in the recycling bin! ♡