25 before 26

I hope you don’t mind my sharing something a little more personal here. Since it’s based on my birthday, I figure it should be life goals, or things I really want to accomplish personally. I’m trying to make them simple to check off (rather than “work on being…”), so it’ll be easy to track my progress 😀

And, without further ado, my list!

  1. Bake a pie from scratch
  2. Start truly planning for a hike on the Appalachian Trail
  3. Embroider a painting (been on my list forever)
  4. Take a weekend away with Alex
  5. Participate in a 5K
  6. Write & send a letter to someone I admire
  7. Get my motorcycle license
  8. Learn to play Go
  9. Stretch & paint a looong canvas
  10. Build a new piece of furniture for our home
  11. Go on a real picnic (must include a basket + blanket!)
  12. Spend a day enjoying all things AUSTIN.
  13. Draw every day for a month (again)
  14. Dedicate a day to rainbows
  15. Finish and share an original comic
  16. Devote a day to spreading kindness to strangers
  17. Host a wine party
  18. Enjoy an evening on the balcony
  19. Be happy with my body
  20. Start an herb garden
  21. Have a photo shoot with friends
  22. Visit a National Monument I haven’t seen before
  23. Try a new sport
  24. See a live musical
  25. Read 25 books

That averages out to just over 2 a month…shouldn’t be too hard, right? I guess I’ll be updating throughout the coming year. Here’s to some fun adventures!

Etsy Crush: Resolutions

Here are a few Etsy finds to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions!

Grab a handy coaster (Lucky Bee Press) to record your resolutions:Letterpress Coaster Set - New Years Resolution

A self starter ring (The Apple) to remind you to get going:Vintage Typewriter Ring - Self Starter - RARE - Adjustable

A journal with maps (Blue Toad) to take you to new places:bucket list journal with maps

A food & exercise notebook (ncharshaf) for the health resolution:Food and Exercise Notebook - The most certain way to succeed is to always try one more time - 30 days of health

Stay organized with this cute to-do wall hanging (The Career Scrapper):Get Organized Pocket To Do List Upcycled 7 inch Hoop - by TheCareerScrapper on Etsy

A print (groundwork) for an every day resolution:Be Present Every Day

An address box (1canoe2) to keep you in touch:Letterpress Address Card File with Box

This friendly reminder pillow (alexandra ferguson) for the slow days:GO TO THe GYM Felt Applique Pillow 14x18 inch charcoal and fuchsia

And, finally, a motivational poster (happy deliveries) and a reminder!Dare to Begin Letterpress Print (Teal)

So get going, and have a great year 😀