Komforte Chokolates

Why all the k’s? No idea. But as for French Toast Chockolate – why not sooner?

Komforte Chockolates

I’ve tried hot pepper chocolate and lavender chocolate, but never savory chocolate. Savory flavors + chocolate = genius. Plus, I’m all about adding chocolate to my favorite breakfast foods. And the simple, easy-to-read packaging (in bright, appropriate colors) only increases my interest. On second thought, I think I’ll try all three :)

Etsy Finds: Anniversary

(photo by Our City Lights)

Today’s Etsy Finds are dedicated to celebrating the first year with my husband 😀

I have to start off with this amazing t-shirt by pinkvelvetpress (Alex totally needs this):I heart My Wife T-Shirt

Since the first anniversary gift is traditionally paper (and I love papercutsbyjoe), here’s my fav piece:Kissing Couple on Bike

This sweetheart tree & tweet pair by urastarhouse is adorable (just like us ;)):Sweetheart Tree and Tweet Pair

I’d love to have a custom cartoon of us by jordyluxe!2-Person Custom Cartoon

I want to give him this card by hellojuliamade because it’s true:You Light Up My Life

I’d get him these cufflinks by tinytokensdesigns so he can’t forget the date 😉 [not that he would]KEEPSAKE CUFFLINKS

An embroidery is the best way to tell a person how you feel :) (by monkeyandsquirrel)home is wherever i'm with you

I would love love love to get a custom Skunkboy Creatures order!!Owl Couple

Because we’re graphic designers who love ampersands (by fifiduvie)Ampersand Love

And because he is my sunshine (and he likes pink), this print by jessgonacha:you are my sunshine PINK

Oh, they’d all be such great gifts!

PS: Win a print of your choice and some handmade goodies – enter now!

New look, new products!

You may have noticed my new blog banner (if not, scroll up, silly ;)), but did you notice my new shop banner? AJ the Purple has undergone a little makeover 😀 I’ve got a new logo:

I think it’s pretty fun :) And with a new logo comes new banners 😀 I’m really excited! Soon, in addition to the new blog banner, I’ll have a total blog makeover! But more on that later.

I’m also adding NEW things to the shop! I’m now selling COLOR prints!!! I’m so excited to be able to offer these now 😀 There are two already in the shop, with more coming this weekend. PLUS, I’ve drawn some new monsters. So keep an eye on my prints section!


Happy Saturday!

3 Things Friday

Happy September! (Yes, I realize it’s the 3rd, but I’ve been busy!)
This week:
The good: I’m working on redesigning my portfolio and it’s going to be AWESOME!
The not-so-good: My sister was in town briefly, but I didn’t get to see her :(
The best: I finished two logos for two lovely ladies, and I’m so happy with them!

Pommes Frites is on vacation mode, but you should check out her shop & blog!
Assorted Musings offers wonderful goodies and insights in her shop & blog too!

Have a great weekend!!! xo

You Amaze Me, Pentagram

Pentagram is a design firm with offices in London, Berlin, New York, and AUSTIN! Their office is actually right next door to my father-in-law’s (I believe they helped design his logo). But that’s not why they amaze me. They amaze me because they make beautiful designs!

They create products, identities, and packaging…

They offer signage, architecture, and interiors…

And they design print, publications, and books!

(You may note that the last one is published by Phaidon ♡ Also, all photos from Phaidon’s website)

And they are all beautiful. One day I’d like to be as talented as they. And that is why you amaze me, Pentagram!