I set a goal last month to list 10 new items in my shop in the first week of March. I’ve thought a lot about how I want to proceed with my shop, and decided several things. 1: I love art, craft, and design – and want to use all of them. 2: I love several styles and methods for each and I want to use all of them, too. 3: I love interior design!

In conclusion: I’ve started a home dec line ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ve had so much fun brainstorming, planning, and creating my new line! It allows me to use my background in architecture, art, and design in a new and exciting way. This way I can combine new and old styles, methods, materials, and more into a brand all my own. I’ll be listing all weekend, and I hope you love my new products!

Home Sweet Homei <3 u cross stitch

Etsy Crush: Umbrellas

It’s been drizzly here in Austin, Texas, and that has me thinking about umbrellas! Normally I actually don’t use an umbrella myself – I like to feel the rain :) But I do like umbrellas in and of themselves. They have such an instantly recognizable shape! They’re completely practical, yet somehow whimsical at the same time. So I went on a search through Etsy to see what kinds of people are making with this rainy day icon.

I found a fun greeting card by Earmark:Hello below Fun and Whimsical Greeting card for all ocassions

A hand carved rubber stamp by eat pray create:Umbrella Hand Carved Rubber Stamp

A spring showers ring by Minty Fresh Studio:Spring Showers - Adjustable Ring

A rainy day in Brooklyn print by Art Shark Designs:New York Love gocco art print- Brooklyn Bridge

A spring rain oil painting by Karen’s Fine Art:Karen Tarlton Original oil painting Ladies in Spring Rain

April showers gift wrap by Smock Paper:April Gift Wrap/Wrapping Paper. 100 percent post consumer recycled paper. 4 sheets. 922

A crochet pattern for a parasol by Fashion Patterns:White Lace Parasol PDF Pattern

A fine art print of a sun umbrella at the beach by Irene Suchocki:umbreLLa - Fine art polaroid photograph

And a fun, printable cocktail umbrellas by print your party:Printable Cocktail Umbrellas- Wedding Designs

I used to collect the umbrellas that came in my Shirley Temples. And when I was little I had a Mini Mouse umbrella. It was clear, so I could see the rain falling through it! What was your favorite umbrella?

Etsy Crush: Snowflakes

Happy Winter!

Yes, today is the first day of winter! And it’s 85 in Austin, Texas. Only 4 days until Christmas, and wouldn’t it be nice if it were dusted with gorgeous snow? In such hopes, I dedicate this week’s Etsy Crush to snowflakes ๐Ÿ˜€

Gorgeous fabric snowflake cards by maggiestahler:Snowflake fabric notecards

Little snowflake pendant by Neta Gilboa:Little Classic Snowflake

A snowflake triptych by Andrew Johanson:Snowflake Triptych

This cozy knit snowflake blouse by kimberite:The Norweigian SnowFlake Knit shirt Blouse

Sweetly scented snowflake soap by Colette Paperie:CHRISTMAS SALE - Stocking Stuffer Snowflake Soap - Single Bar and Gift Tag

REAL photographs of snowflakesย from piddix: New -- Real Snowflake Photos from 1900 in .85 inch squares for scrabble tiles, glass pendants and more -- piddix digital collage sheet no. 608

I want to decorate my tree with these wood ornaments by Timber Green Woods:Order now to arrive by CHRISTMAS EVE Wood Mini Snowflake Ornament Set (15) Ready to Ship

Crochet your own snowflake earrings with this pattern by Jeweled Elegance: PDF Crochet Pattern - Vanilla Snowflake Earrings

Snowflake mittens by Wooly Rosie: Hand Knit Wool Mittens - Scarlet Snowflakes

Adorable snowflake gift tags by craftynikki: Sparkly Snowflakes - Set of 6 Large Christmas Winter Gift Tags

The Homemade Stigma

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of homemade gifts? Maybe your first thought is kitschy. I remember the silly tie I made my dad at age 6, the terrible vest my grandmother made me that I couldn’t bear to get rid of, and there’s always the cliched fruitcake. But what about the ones near and dear to our hearts? There’s the portrait my friend drew for me, the beautiful scarf my mother-in-law knit, and so many more I cherish. So why does “homemade” have such a stigma?

There are different types of handmade gifts. There are the ones Great Aunt Myrtle makes for everyone, whether or not she knows anything about them. There are the ones people slap together just to save time and money, with no real concern to the craft. And then there are the ones we can make with care, thought, and skill. What is most important is to make something that is beautiful to the person receiving it. What’s the best handmade gift you’ve received? Why do you love it?

We don’t have to be experts to make a present worth giving; we just have to be personal. Let’s erase the “homemade” stigma by hand-making gifts with care and thoughtfulness. Let’s create something better than any mass-produced product could be. Let’s have a handmade holiday :)

Etsy Finds: Anniversary

(photo by Our City Lights)

Today’s Etsy Finds are dedicated to celebrating the first year with my husband ๐Ÿ˜€

I have to start off with this amazing t-shirt by pinkvelvetpress (Alex totally needs this):I heart My Wife T-Shirt

Since the first anniversary gift is traditionally paper (and I love papercutsbyjoe), here’s my fav piece:Kissing Couple on Bike

This sweetheart tree & tweet pair by urastarhouse is adorable (just like us ;)):Sweetheart Tree and Tweet Pair

I’d love to have a custom cartoon of us by jordyluxe!2-Person Custom Cartoon

I want to give him this card by hellojuliamade because it’s true:You Light Up My Life

I’d get him these cufflinks by tinytokensdesigns so he can’t forget the date ๐Ÿ˜‰ [not that he would]KEEPSAKE CUFFLINKS

An embroidery is the best way to tell a person how you feel :) (by monkeyandsquirrel)home is wherever i'm with you

I would love love love to get a custom Skunkboy Creatures order!!Owl Couple

Because we’re graphic designers who love ampersands (by fifiduvie)Ampersand Love

And because he is my sunshine (and he likes pink), this print by jessgonacha:you are my sunshine PINK

Oh, they’d all be such great gifts!

PS: Win a print of your choice and some handmade goodies – enter now!

Etsy Finds: Greeting Cards

I searched Etsy high and low to find some awesome greeting cards! I love all of these for separate reasons ๐Ÿ˜€
I love this Thank You Card by finedaypress for its simple beauty.
I love these Woohoo Greeting Cards by IttyBittyPress because they’re exciting!
I love this Nerd Greeting Card by InvitaPaperStudio because I’m a nerd (and it has a great style!):
I love this Make a Wish card by craftedbylindy because it has cupcakes AND a polaroid!
I love this City Scape greeting card by blancucha for its modern, architectural design:
I love this Get well card by DankhCreations because band-aids are cute:
I love this Bling Bling engagement card by claireeyedesign because it’s funny (and it rhymes!).
I love this You Rock greeting card by glademade because sometimes that’s all you need to say:
I love this Sweet greeting card by LittleLadyCompany because it’s short and sweet ๐Ÿ˜‰
I love these Illustrated cards by SomethingBunny for the awesome illutrations!
So many lovely cards! Well done, Etsians :)
PS: Soon I hope to have some cards in my shop, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Etsy Finds: Rings

Alex has been telling me for a while now that he’s more than happy to buy me jewelry to replace the cheap stuff I’ve always had. (Yes, I’m the stingy one in this relationship!) We actually bought our wedding rings from TitaniumKnights, an awesome Etsy shop! We even recommended them to Alex’s sister, who is now a happy customer as well :) So, I was inspired to look across Etsy for some pretty rings! Here are a few I found:

Don’t you just love them alllll?!

Etsy Finds: Stormtroopers

In honor of Star Wars Day (“May the Fourth be with you,” in case you hadn’t heard XP), I am dedicating an Etsy finds post to stormtroopers. I know they are used for evil purposes in Episodes IV-VI, but for some reason they are just adorable. Don’t you think?
Check out this pop art print by DocMartinStudio:
Then there’s this awesome iPhone case by nokomomo:
Or a stormtrooper decal by williamandcindy:
Wow, a stormtrooper Lincoln by SirMitchell:
I may have to get this adorable pattern by lucyravenscar:
And this shirt by HotMonkeyGraphics just cracked me up:
I hope you enjoyed my nerdy Etsy finds ^_^
Click on the images to view the listings!
May the Fourth be with you….always.

Etsy Finds: My Kind of Spring

Just of a few of my recent favorites for you…
(click the image to go to the listing)
Framed Oval Pendant Necklace No. 5 by shagpile
cacti in a repurposed clear stiletto heel by giddyspinster
Delicate Woodland Gold Leather Cuff by Spirocreations
Chief Bear Mug by isobelblake
Rain drops by Bombus
Linen Reusable Shopping Bag by karmologyclinic
These just all made me think of how I’d like to spend my spring :)
How about you?

PS: Don’t forget to check out my shop update!