Project Completion Marathon

Sometimes I have a hard time finishing things that I start. I just have so many ideas (especially for my shop), that I try to do too many things at once. In my excitement I begin doing everything I think of, but don’t have time to complete them all. And then there’s that part of me that worries I won’t like the finished product… And I have so many other projects that I want to work on… So I put off finishing, and start something new…over and over again. It’s a bad habit. And then they all pile up! [Ok, it’s probably not as bad as it sounds. But I do hate how many unfinished projects I have lying around!!]

The good news is that I have deadlines coming soon :) And the perfectionist part of me knows that a deadline is far more important than any little insecurities. (Plus I’ll be much happier when they’re done :D) Deadlines:

  1. November 20 is Craft Riot
  2. November 27 is the San Antonio holiday fair
  3. December 25 is Christmas!

And I have so many things I want to share for each of these :) Thus, it’s time to get busy. (Er, busier.) Tonight I start with faces, because these poor little creatures are so naked!Huggles and Monsters

Tomorrow will be my sewing day. It’s been a couple weeks since I lugged out my good ol’ Green Machine – I’m looking forward to it :) Do you have any projects you want to finish this week? Want to join in my project completion marathon? :)