What's your Pinterest?


I stumbled across Pinterest by accident several weeks ago. It was simply laid out with beautiful images that people had “pinned” to the site. At first it reminded me of We ♡ It, until I happily discovered that the images pinned (most of them, at least) actually link back to the source! How wonderful! In fact, giving credit is one of their four rules.

About a week after I discovered (and shortly thereafter forgot about) Pinterest, my best buddy asked me about it. She’s planning her wedding, and wanted to show me some of her inspirations and ideas. And what a great place for it! It’s a virtual pinboard where you can collect ideas, inspirations, and beauty; access them from anywhere; and share with anyone! It’s also easy to tag and categorize. I loved browsing through her pins, and being able to click through to see more from their sources. I gladly accepted her invitation to join, and have been pinning ever since :)

I have several boards that are categorized in a way that makes sense to me. It’s so much easier than bookmarking, saving images, and/or printing them all out. And this way I always have the source attached, too. It’s also a great way to see what other people are crushing on, what’s currently trending, or to simply find some inspiration.

So I guess my question is…What do you pin? (You can follow me here :))