Positivity Week

I decided Sunday night to make the them of this week POSITIVITY! Positive thinking makes everything better. It’s been going pretty well so far :) If something isn’t going right, I take a deep breath and think positively. Always helpful! Plus, happiness is contagious.

Since we’re halfway through, I thought I’d share some mid-positivity-week inspiration :)

She believed she could so she did

shadow kiss


Happy Furry Friday

Always Radiate Sunshine

So let’s all go out and radiate sunshine! 😉

Wordy Wednesday

In an effort to use my design skills more on this blog, I’ve decided to devote Wednesdays to “Wordy Wednesdays!” I’ll take a quote I like (hopefully it’ll be uplifting for you :)), or even just a thought or word, and create a small work around it – that way it’ll be prettier to read 😉 It won’t be anything too elaborate, but it’ll give me a chance to do a personal design every week, and to share it here! I hope you like!

Wordy Wednesday 1