3 Things Friday

Snow from the balcony 1Frozen Water from GutterChase with a snow-stacheFrozen fountain

Another week has flown by, and what a week it’s been! Our gym finally opened, I made soup for the first time, and we tried a new local restaurant. It’s been 80Β° and 17Β°. We had Groundhog Day [I’m all for pointless holidays, but they should at least involve candy!] and Chinese New Year – did you celebrate? But I’m most excited for today: SNOW DAY! What a great way to end the week! πŸ˜€ And when it boils down to my three things…

The good: I learned a new knitting stitch, and I absolutely love it! I’ve started on my first blanket with a soft, lustrous yarn in….Herringbone Stitch!Herringbone Stitch

The not-as-good: I wasn’t as productive as I could have been. I spent much of last night playing Sudoku (I’m addicted) instead of working on anything.

The best: I get to spend today completing projects! I already finished a painting, which was super fun, and next I’ll be sewing! Then maybe some crochet and cross-stitch…It’s going to be good :)

Granny Square Painting

What were your 3 things this week?

Etsy Finds: Watermelon

Summertime to me is watermelon ^_^
Here are a few lovely watermelon-themed products I found on Etsy:
A watermelon red dress by Clothingwholesale:
A cross-stitch pattern by andwabisabi:
Juicy watermelon earrings by sypria:
Flower bobby pins by alovelycreation:
Watermelon yarn by shunklies:
Fluffy vegan soap by dennisanderson:
An original painting by artflat5:
To see more of my watermelon favs, check out my “Sweet Watermelon” treasury!

You Are So Warped.

(Or: How to reuse an old canvas)
(Or: How to make a stenciled painting)

A couple years ago I made a flower painting out of boredom to lighten up my room. After moving in with Alex, it managed to make it onto the wall in our apartment here. After looking at it for this long, I got tired of it. But why just throw it away? Instead, I decided to reuse the canvas! I turned the flower painting into my new “You Are So Warped” stenciled painting:

First things first, I had to get the canvas white. You could use a color of paint you like, or skip this step if your original painting will work for the background! I decided to use gesso. I had actually stretched the canvas myself, and hadn’t gessoed the sides, so I thought it was time :) Because the original painting was textured, I used the thick gesso to smooth it out as well. However, I let some of the texture come through to add a little dimension to my new painting.

Once the gesso dried, it was time to get out the stencils! I used a ruler and pencil to make guidelines, laying out my stencils for spacing. Most stencils come with holes to use as guides. I spaced mine a little off from these, because they seemed a bit uneven :-/ But the holes help make sure your letters are aligned. The most important thing is to make sure all your letters fit where you want them before you start!

All the letters set? Time to mix the paint! YAY! I love mixing paint! I used white, yellow, and blue to make a bright green that we use in accents around our apartment [It happens to be our wedding color!]. I chose to use a bright color on white, but of course you could use multiple colors :)

Time to fill in the stencils! You could tape them down, but I didn’t bother πŸ˜› The middles of the stencils will come up too, unless you use double-sided tape. I just tried to hold them them down while painting. Of course there will be small slip-ups! Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how to fix them πŸ˜‰

When you’ve got them all done, GO WASH YOUR PAINT BRUSH! Just in case you were thinking about leaving it πŸ˜‰ Now, look through your letters. See any mistakes? That’s ok. I used two methods to fix mine. First I used an X-Acto knife (one of my favorite tools, btw) to scrape off some of the unnecessary paint. Then I went back and covered any other mistakes with white paint. It took a couple coats to cover the green.

Much better! Now take a step back and admire your reused-canvas, stenciled painting! How lovely! Now go take pictures and leave me a link so I can see ;D
[In case you are curious, my mom once said this to me, jokingly, and I thought it was hilarious. Her reaction to the painting: “Surely I never said that!” ;)]

Leg Warmers and Wooden People

Just a little update on some Style School projects :) I’m really far behind, because last week was a total blur :-/ My trip to New Orleans was fun (other than the freezing wind and torn muscle!), and I can’t wait to go back for my sister’s wedding in May! So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve finished:

Leg warmers from an old sweater. I wanted to add these awesome buttons, but I can’t find my bag of big, vintage buttons :(

Wooden people! Aren’t they cute?! I may have to go get more so I can make my friends πŸ˜€ I kinda screwed up my face, but I think Alex turned out really well!
And here’s a fun pic of the two men in my life…making faces at me ;P

Also – more updates in the shop! And more to come ;D Very exciting.

It’s Happening!

1. I’ve already jotted down a schedule to try out!
2. Wanna help? (kidding…sorta ;)) shop
3. Paintings that inspire me:
Marcelo Pambo (via artnet)
 Takashi Murakami (via Art Radar Asia)
4. Something like…
(via knitty – patterns: holla and surface)
5. I’d love something like these from Anthropologie
6. Craft Riot by Etsy Austin, definitely! Looking into others, too :)
7. Definitely would be more organized. (And I love organization.)
8. I’d been thinking about it, and then seeing this:
…put my over the edge. I’m doing it.
(work of Elsie at A Beautiful Mess)
9.This one is pretty:
10. It‘s started with my bestie, but not quite ready to be viewed yet πŸ˜‰

Heart Tree Painting

I finished my new painting today :-) It hangs in our living room above the bookcases we made. Because it is mainly monochromatic, it brings the colorful (tons of books, red table, yellow bench, striped rainbow chairs…) room together. I love my little owl ^.^ The plan was to paint over it when we get tired of it, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to ;p

I also did a photoshoot today, thanks to my hubby, for some etsy updates. I listed copies of gifts I made for family and friends for Christmas. I just love them so much I wanted to share with the world! Annnd hopefully I’ll earn some money to pay for gifts for others πŸ˜‰ I’m new at the business thing, so if anyone has any suggestions as far as pricing/photos/description goes, please comment!! I’m definitely open to advice :)

Thanks, and happy start of the holiday season! (The Christmas season doesn’t officially start for me until after Thanksgiving, but considering I’m handmaking many gifts…I think it’s ok :D)