Rainbow Party

Yesterday I had a rainbow party! I woke up, put on my brightest clothing (pink shirt, yellow sweater, blue polka dot skirt, and my rainbow socks!) and got to baking. You see, I had several layers to make for my rainbow cake!

Rainbow socks & baking

I decided to make red velvet cake for the red and purple layers. I used this recipe from Bitter Sweet. I doubled the recipe and then split it between two layers. For the center layers of my cake I used this amazing vegan white cake recipe from My Vegan Cookbook. SO TASTY! Since it specifically warns against doubling the recipe, I actually made it twice, then divided each batch into two colors. I sloppily iced everything with this white vegan cake icing as guests arrived! It was a mess, but soooo tasty.

Rainbow cake!

Alex got a few rainbow candies and made pink lemonade. We also made fruit and veggie platters in rainbow order, and our friends brought some more rainbow foods! It was a deliciously colorful feast :)

Rainbow fruit

I didn’t have to do much decorating, as we already have lots of color in our apartment! I did pull out my rainbow quilt. [The party was originally going to be a picnic in the park, but we were rained out. Austin needs the rain though, so no complaints here!] For the table, I laid down some sparkly cellophane, then arranged all of our rainbow food :)

Rainbow feast

Such a fun day, all dedicated to rainbows :) It was a great way to put some color into a gray and rainy day!

Etsy Crush: Halloween Decor

If you’re scrambling to get your Halloween decorations up (as I am), then I hope you’ll enjoy a little inspiration from the lovely handmade world of Etsy. [Click on the image to go to its listing.]

We can start with some miniature jack-o-lanterns by Pixie Dust Miniatures:Jack O Lantern (B) - HALLOWEEN RANGE etsy holiday decoration handmade

Add a raven print by Winterberry Cottage to haunt your doorway:etsy halloween holiday decoration handmade MR POE YOUR FRIEND IS HERE 8 X 10 RAVEN PRINT ON VINTAGE DICTIONARY PAGE

How about a plush zombie by Guten Monsters? Adorable and terrifying at the same time:Blood and guts to slurp and eat, are this zombie's favorite treat.

Decorate your windows with a bat garland by House of Clouds:Halloween Bat Paper Garland KIT Pennant Bunting Banner Metallic Silver Black Card stock 3D

Perch a Halloween owl from Vintage by Crystal on a branch:Spun Cotton Vintage Style Halloween Owl OOAK etsy handmade decoration holiday

No Halloween party is complete without a skull in some form (by Black Baroque):SKULL PRINT BIG HEAD SYNDROME on a Antique 1883 Book Page etsy handmade halloween decor holiday

This little felt bat could add a little surprise to a corner (by Julie Blanchette):Creepy Halloween Wee Felt Bat Julie Blanchette on Etsy handmade decoration

Hand this “i bite” glass by phoenix fire studios to your resident vampire/werewolf/zombie:I BITE Etched Old Fashioned glass-by Phoenix Fire Studios

Adorn a shroud with this gorgeously crocheted albino spider by Sweet Dolls:White Spider etsy halloween handmade crocheted

And hang this banner by Frog Prince Paperie above your candy bar. {It’s not Halloween without candy!}Halloween Trick or Treat Printable Party - DIY, BIG SALE etsy handmade

And once your done decorating, it’s time to make your Halloween costume! Oh, or is that just me? 😉 HAPPY ALMOST HALLOWEEN!