You Amaze Me, Crochets of the Past

Crochet Magazine

Last week my grandmother-in-law gave to me a bag full of old crochet magazines (1987-1993), in case I found anything I wanted. Who would have guessed that this would spur such an entertaining evening?! You may have seen me tweeting some of the hilarious pictures I found, but I have more to share…oh, so much more…

It started out with this gem that just screams 90s. I left the description so you could read all about the “Fluorescent Fun!”

Neon sweater

I found patterns for children (I wonder if my mom would have made these for us)…

Taxi Sweater for BoysCrayon Sweater for GirlsGame BlanketWhat's with the lobster? <–What’s with the lobster?

And patterns for young adults (Below: “Granny Glamour” and a rockin’ sweater vest!)

Granny GlamourCircle flower sweater vest

Accessories are killer. Such a 90s photo for the headband! But the jean jacket takes the cake. Don’t you want to embellish your own? It’s so easy with doilies, lace from your grandmother, and crochet you can do yourself!

Winter HeadbandJean Jacket

So many projects for trendy crocheters of the 80s and 90s! Thank you for sticking with me through this blast from the past. I hope you’ve found these as amusing as I have! I wonder what crochet/knitting patterns we’ll laugh about 20 years from now… Will cowls be old-fashioned and silly? Of course, I’m already laughing at some current patterns I’ve found…maybe fluorescent sweaters were the crocheted bikini of 1990? 😉

Have you come across any fun vintage patterns? Share in the comments!