Mood Mugs

Mood Mugs

How cute are these mood mugs from Yanko Design? They’re double insulated, so don’t worry about the lack of a handle. I love their little faces ^_^ There’s one for any mood you wake up with (or every member of the family?). The sleepy one is seriously adorable. But I think after using any of these you’d end up with a happy face!

You Amaze Me, Bath Tubs

For most of us, a bath tub comes with our home, and isn’t really considered as a design element – it’s just a part of the bathroom. But it can be so much more, as proven with these gorgeous, designer tubs.

The Le Cob Bath by Omvivo brings to mind Le Corbusier’s chaise, only now it’s more relaxing (other than the exposure of being surrounded only by glass). Though it doesn’t hold as much water as a traditional bath, I love the waterfall touch at the foot:le cob bath

A Wood Line bath by Bagno Sasso would match any modern decor with its clean, rectangular form, although I think it goes best in a minimalist bathroom, as pictured here:WOODEN BATHTUB & WOOD LINE Wood Line

The Ballerine Bathtube designed by Lange & Lange must be commended for both style and innovation. It looks beautiful in both bath and shower forms, although I do wonder what the draft would be like in its elongated, bare-bones configuration:Ballerine Bathtube

These traditionally-shaped baths from Hoesch are given a homey touch by the addition of wooden elements. The clean lines of their designs allow them to be included in virtually any bathroom with any fixtures:

SensaMare Oval tubScelta

Agape modernized the old-fashioned claw-foot tub (which I also love!) by simplifying it; they made the feet using the same material as the tub. And it comes in a variety of colors!Ottocento - VAS969

Oh, I can’t wait until I design my own bath…with all these amazing tub options out there!

Flat Chair

YKSI chair

This simple, economical chair first caught my attention because it reminded me of my thesis project during my final design semester. Folding intricate pieces from a flat sheet has always been of great interest to me. It is both cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly, because it usually makes less waste, requires less material, and saves space during shipping.

This little gem folds from one piece of lightweight, recyclable cardboard. It ships and stores flat, and can be put together in a snap. And, most amazingly, it actually looks good. Since the base is white, it would be quite easy to customize any chair to fit your style. And when you’re done, fold them up and put them away, or toss them in the recycling bin! ♡

You Amaze Me, Simple Human

While browsing Bed, Bath, and Beyond during our post-Christmas wanderings, we found what would be the perfect bathroom set (minus the price tag, which, at around $25 apiece, was a little steep for our young, struggling designer budget):

bamboo toothbrush holder with tumblerbamboo square tissue box holderbamboo rectangular soap dish bamboo precision soap pump

The pieces are simple, clean, modern, and (eco-friendly) bamboo. Looking through the kitchen products, we found more Simple Human designs to fit our style and needs: clearly simple, nothing superfluous or heavy, sleek, and ultra-functional.bamboo frame dishracksink caddy

It’s the design of every day products, of the little things we use all the time, that really amazes me. Take a utensil, a container, a dispenser and make it into something beautiful without sacrificing ease of use or simplicity. I love it when a product can be bear minimum and yet easy on the eyes. I don’t need decorative devices, I need simple ones, and that’s what Simple Human makes.

recycling magnetsfingerprint-proof rectangular recycler

For making beautiful yet efficient products for every day use, you amaze me, Simple Human.